Because ads and sponsors only value the top 1% of podcasts. Brands are only spending real money on the handful of pods that have audiences of 100k+. Even though you are popular, if your pod pulls in anything less than that your income from ads is likely to forever be too small and inconsistent to rely on. You aren’t yet realising the value of your audience.

Even if your audience only has a few hundred regular listeners, the most engaged portion of those will be prepared to pay a small monthly sum in return for great content. Especially if you offer something extra – like ad-free pods, exclusive content, or early access.

No, you can still put out free-to-air episodes that carry ads, while your subscriber-only episodes will deliver a more predictable monthly income. Like that, you are earning money in two ways. Bingo!

By giving you a simple, proven way of building a subscriber offering. At the same time Hubwave makes it super simple and easy for your listeners to sign up and pay to become subscribers.

By giving you free masterclasses on how to create, produce, and promote your podcast – designed by real creators who successfully turned their own pods into a living and quit their day jobs.

We give you access to data and analytics that show you what your audience really want: from when to publish your pods, to how long they should be, and what topics really grab listeners.

Because Patreon isn’t built for podcasters. It’s a pain for your listeners to sync Patreon with their preferred podcast-listening app. Plus, it’s expensive – Patreon charges a ton of add-ons and hidden costs for every transaction on their service.

We charge a straightforward 10%, and not a penny more. That covers everything – including every cash transfer out of your account. We pride ourselves on being inexpensive and transparent. And, of course, we don’t make any money unless you do.

It’s easy. Subscribers sign up to your feed on Hubwave and pay via the globally trusted finance service Stripe. You can withdraw your money (less our 10%) direct from Hubwave whenever you like.

It depends on what you’re offering. For an ad-free version of the episodes you’re already putting out for free, maybe start at $3 per month. For five exclusive ad-free episodes a month, plus early-access, and premium extras like Q&A’s or merch discounts, you can go up to $20 per month.

For a full guide to suggested pricing, sign up for our free masterclass service.

It’s yours and we can’t touch it. Hubwave provides you with a platform to build and manage your subscribers. And we give you helpful resources to help you grow. But we don’t have any claim on your audience. Any time you want to quit and take them elsewhere, you’re free to do so.